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    • Sound Filtering
    • Easy Control
    • Neckband
    • Auto OFF
    • Human
    • Lithium Polymer
    • Smart
    • Memory Foam
Make Smart, Easy, Better

Smart Earplug

Neck Band Type
  • Applying sound filtering technology - Locking hearing-loss causing noise
  • Resolving inconvenience of wearing ear plugs
    - Contributing to disaster prevention of industrial sites
  • Applying to various noise-occurring places - Providing user convenience
  • Being used semi-permanently - Economic effect due to increase of life time
  • Having completed patent registration (3 additional patent application)
  • Available voice amplification - Hearing conversation contents largely is possible


  • 35 Seconds
    Durability became increase by applying automatic off function after operation 35 seconds later.
  • Neck Band Type
    This is Smart soundproof earplug having types of being mounted to neck without encumbrance.
  • Rechargeable Battery
    Cost-cutting is possible by applying charge formula battery.
  • Comfortable fit
    This product makes comfort sustained when wearing it for a long time through ergonomic designs.

Smart noise earplug

by which smooth conversation is possible when wearing it Neck Band Type
  • Applying the function of easy operation - This product is used only when required
  • Applying automatic OFF function after a certain time of functional operation
    - Increases of convenience and durability
  • Applying charge formula battery - Cost-cutting
  • Increases of soundproof effect and decreases of inconvenience by applying memory form
  • Soundproofing effect - Applying ear plug of ergonomic designs
  • Functions of giving helps to the person who has difficulty in hearing